and the visitor came upon the
stain of the binary streamas if in a DREAMthe visitor was assailed with
visions of the lost
the pain, the life andthe LIGHTthe mind, the body andthe SOUL-not just one spirit
but the many that one touches
how it affects those cared forhow it distorts TIME andspace for it all seems
so fruitless at times

to experience the completely
please ensure the following requirements are met:::
. open mind .
. open eyes .
. 800x640 16bit resolution
. Netscape 4.0  or >
. connection capable of handling many images .

the eyes see outside theres no one left the soul cannot realize theres no one there no one there to see whos been left in me no one can see whats left of me whats the purpose now? what is taken in before me? why bother at all? who here can make me see it now?